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nix begat oizys

This is a custom multi-host nixos flake. See below for the currently maintained hosts.


rune name system
othalan Thinkpad Carbon X1 Gen 9
algiz Hetzner Cloud hosting forgejo,soft-serve & gts
mannaz Custom AMD Tower with Nvidia 1050ti

oizys cli

A small helper utility that mostly just wraps nix commands for convenience.

nix run "github:daylinmorgan/oizys"
nix begat oizys

  oizys [command]

Available Commands:
  boot                    nixos rebuild boot
  build                   A brief description of your command
  cache                   build and push to cachix
  dry                     poor man's nix flake check
  help                    Help about any command
  output                  show nixosConfiguration attr
  switch                  nixos rebuild switch

      --flake string   path to flake ($OIZYS_DIR or $HOME/oizys)
  -h, --help           help for oizys
      --host string    host to build (current host)

Use "oizys [command] --help" for more information about a command.


Oizys was birthed by the goddess Nyx/Nix and embodies suffering and misery. Which is all that awaits you if you embrace nix.

[!NOTE] I don't use home-manager to manager my shell/user configs. You can find those in my separate chezmoi-managed dotfiles repository.