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MonoLisa NF

Most Batteries included repo to patch MonoLisa with Nerd Fonts glyphs

tested w/ MonoLisa-Basic-2.012

Getting Started


  • python
  • make (optional)
  • fontforge OR docker

There are some caveats to invoking the font-patcher script. Some of which are explained by nerd fonts. To use font-patcher with fontforge first ensure it is installed (or see below for docker approach).

On Arch:

sudo pacman -S fontforge

You can also download the version for your system from the releases in the fontforge repo.

If you prefer to use docker rather than install fontforge you can add ARGS='--docker' to calls to make patch.

Next you may clone the repo to fetch the needed symbols/scripts for patching:

git clone --depth 1

Downloading MonoLisa

Once you have acquired MonoLisa, follow the link in your email to download it. Then extract the .zip file of the type you've downloaded into MonoLisa/.

The expected directory structure is below. You only need to download the font types you plan to use.

├── otf
├── ttf
├── woff
└── woff2

Patching your font

Once you have downloaded MonoLisa and fontforge you can easily apply the nerd font patches with make.

To patch all font types use the default patch rule.

make # or ./patch-monolisa -f MonoLisa -c

By default the complete (-c) flag is passed to the font-patcher script to include all icons/symbols. You can change this by specifying the ARGS at runtime.

ARGS="-c -w" make patch

See ./patch-monolisa --help and ./bin/font-patcher --help for available ARGS.

You can find your patched fonts in the patched/ directory

If like me you want to place your patched fonts in a standard location on your Unix system you can move them to ~/.local/share/fonts/MonoLisa with the bin/update-fonts script.

Or for simplicity you can copy the fonts and update the cache with:

make update-fonts

You can verify the fonts have been added with make check.

with Nix

You can run using the included flake.nix.

nix run "github:daylinmorgan/monolisa-nerdfont-patch"


Before making changes to to any of the scripts in bin you should first install pre-commit. Followed by setting up the pre-commit hooks locally.

pipx install pre-commit
pre-commit install

Special Thanks